During my senior year of high school just north of Denver — before Denver was cool — I aspired to go to college far away in a big city. I drew up a list of schools, read the application requirements, and visited my high school guidance counselor for help. I sat down amidst piles of manila folders and asked how to prepare for a college interview.

He paused and looked over my list. “I don’t think anyone at this high school has applied to these colleges before,” he said. He didn’t have much information to offer, nor did he take the initiative to find it.

Undaunted, I conferred with a classmate who had similar dreams and looked for help in the library and on the newly-popular World Wide Web. My equally-determined classmate and I earned scholarships to universities far away in big cities.

That experience taught me that it is not enough to dream. We must dream and do. Doing requires teams of people who share our dreams, have our backs, and take initiative to make things happen. 

This I Believe

Our paradoxical American character, founded in revolution from a king, disdains authority but craves leadership and inspiration. I believe good storytelling helps bridge this gap. I would rather produce a rally than a protest. I believe in the importance of both symbolism and metrics. I believe in being brave because, to quote Candy Crowley, most times the answer to “What’s the worst that can happen?” is “Nothing you can’t handle.” I believe in daring greatly and that we never know unless we ask. I believe in leaving places better than we found them, whether choosing sustainable materials to protect the Earth or sweeping the floor after President Obama’s motorcade departs. I believe in the preciousness of time, people, and money, and that time is most precious because — while we can recruit more people and raise more money — we can’t create more time. I believe that everyone should work in public service and restaurants or retail at some point in life. And I believe in full-fat ice cream, in moderation.

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